Human relationships are at the core of loving & learning. Through song & playful activities, Project Rangeet flexes our social muscles & prepares children to be tomorrow’s carers, thinkers & citizens.

-Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


  • Unlike most Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs, the SEEK curriculum includes our relationship with the environment, creating a network of emotional and ecological intelligence. Without a healthy planet there is no viable future for all.
  • Children aren’t being prepared for the future. Education systems don’t teach in the way brains learn or involve students as active participants in their own learning. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs have long-term benefits but many aren’t scalable, adaptable, educationally sound, measurable nor serve the displaced.


Why Project Rangeet’s Mobile Platform & SEEK curriculum?


  • Can be taught in a classroom or outside anywhere, anytime if required, eg. quarantine during pandemic, post conflict zones, humanitarian crises, natural disaster zones
  • Can be taught by anyone. Structured curriculum and easy to follow lesson plans enable anyone: older students, community members, elders, parents and NGO volunteers to teach and support already overworked teachers
  • Only 1 mobile device required (and by teacher, volunteer only) – works very well for developing countries where students do not have computers, tablets or mobile devices
  • Minimal preparation time and resources required
  • Program is adaptable to cultural contexts and language


  • Focus on ecology is a key feature. Without a healthy planet, there is no viable future for all. Our mission is not only to impact the well-being and overall development of a child, but also that of their communities and their interaction with the environment, thus creating a network of emotional and ecological intelligence


  • Uses multiple intelligences and playful learning methods (music, art, storytelling, games) to engage students and ensure enduring learning
  • Aligned with the UN SDGs, and endorsed by the UN
  • Cited by The Brookings Institution, the world’s leading education think tank and policy-maker, as a successful model for playful learning


  • Built-in process and mechanism to measure, monitor and assess impact of the program in real time