Research, Legal & Funding

Renisha is licensed to practice law in England & Wales, Singapore and the State of New York. Graduating from the University of Bristol, UK with an LLB (Honours), she worked for Wall Street law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy in both New York and Singapore, negotiating and drafting agreements to literally take power to people. Renisha is a mother of two obsessed with research. She plays a multi-faceted role and handles documentation including proposals, legal and research. She is also happy to put her two decades of parenting skills to work by reviewing curriculum.

My Story

I grew up in a mini “United Nations”, surrounded by people from almost 100 different countries. Everyone was equal no matter their gender, race, culture or socioeconomic background. Differences were celebrated and instrumental to our learning process and, as a result, appreciation of diversity and equality in all aspects of life became core to who I am as a person. I strongly believe that this is how the world should be and am trying to play my part through Rangeet.

As a lawyer and mother, I researched everything whilst raising my children: from sleep patterns to nutrition, mental health and the importance of exercise and play, the importance of taking risks, failure and independence, story-telling, art, and more. Combined with my professional and diverse background I believe I am able to understand the needs of both our target population and the governments/administrators/funders of projects.