Project Rangeet equips educators with an easy to implement mobile platform featuring a Social Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) curriculum with tools that measure impact, to develop children into better all round learners and more successful, well-adjusted adults.





Curriculum developed around the UN SDGs uses playful learning methods and the understanding of multiple intelligences.
Adaptable to different cultures and languages.
Can be taught in any socioeconomic, geographic context including crisis zones.

Monitors, verifies and geotags lessons taught; tracks funds spent, providing transparent reporting to administrators
and donors.

Measures the impact on children via baseline / endline tests in real time.

Gamifies the teaching-learning process.

One device is needed to teach a student, a group or a class. Students do not need a device.

Teach in person or remotely!
Anytime. Anywhere.

Anyone can be a Project Rangeet teacher:

Trained teachers
Middle/Senior school students who are looking to grow in competence, confidence, compassion and courage
Community members / elders

Why Project Rangeet's Mobile Platform & SEEK Curriculum?

  • Focus on ecology is a key feature.
    Without a healthy planet, there is no viable future for all.
  • Minimal infrastructure and training requirement makes
    the platform and the curriculum easily adopted.
  • Empowering teachers and local community members
  • The user-friendly aspects increase community participation and
  • Built-in process and mechanism to measure, monitor and assess impact
    of the program in real time
  • Uses multiple intelligences and playful learning methods
  • Aligned with the UN SDGs, and endorsed by the UN
  • Cited by The Brookings Institution, as a successful model for playful learning
  • Can be taught in a classroom or outside anywhere
  • Can be taught by anyone
  • Only 1 mobile device required (and by teacher, volunteer only)
  • Minimal preparation time and resources required
  • Program is adaptable to cultural contexts and language