Curriculum & Product
Karishma graduated from college in 2001 in Bombay with a B.A in English Literature. She worked as a documentary film maker in Bombay before moving to Mallorca for a year to work for acclaimed production company – Palma Pictures. During her stint with Palma Pictures – she worked on James Blunt’s music video – “You’re Beautiful”. Upon her return to Bombay, Karishma worked at boutique film production company Highlight Films as a Production Assistant. She transitioned from there to blueFROG, a live music venture based in Bombay. She was the first employee of blueFROG and was involved in executing the launch of its flagship music club in Bombay which was later rated by the Independent (UK) as one of the top ten music venues in the world. In 2014, Karishma and Simran formed Mach One Associates and later Project Rangeet with Priyanka where she works on the confluence of music, design, education and technology.

My Story:

Albert Einstein said : “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

What I learned in school is that I’m unintelligent and it’s something I try to forget everyday. 

While I’m so grateful for the education I received, I hated school.  
I felt like an outsider everyday. 
I was going through the motions of putting on my uniform, getting on the school bus and chatting with my friends but I remember that feeling of dread.
How badly had I done on my tests, was my assignment good enough, would I be called upon by the teacher to solve a math problem I most certainly wouldn’t be able to?

School is for children who excel academically but if you’re like me and struggled with math and science, school can be a brutal place. With my struggles went my self esteem.
I was good at art, sport and music, things that didn’t count for much back then. It has taken many years to get over feeling like a stupid 13 year old and sometimes even today, I catch myself feeling that way.

I often question my purpose on this planet? How can I make an impact? 
I just may have found it through the work we do at Project Rangeet. 

I see the world in pictures, colours, designs. How many other children out there are like me, how can I make them feel like they matter enough and belong in a classroom, how can I make them feel like their intelligence is just as beautiful as their classmates who excel at math? And finally how do I enable teachers to rediscover the reason they became teachers in the first place: to know that one child breathed easier or felt like they belong because of them.