“Policy and curriculum needs to be agile, razor sharp and the designers need to use their imagination and intention to already be working in the schools of 2040 now?’

Sean Bellamy, Sand’s School, UK

Rangeet can be taught flexibly by educators/facilitators:

  • Full lessons can be taught from any of our nine modules from our Self, Society and/or Ecology Umbrellas,
  • Individual activities can be chosen to help teach mainstream subjects in a joyful, play-based manner (eg. Science/ Geography/ English/ Maths/ P.E.), or
  • Pandemic Recovery Activities conducted  to help build resilience through joyful play, art, games, stories and song.

A Rangeet class is active, with room for discovery and experiential learning through inquiry and reflection; engaging; meaningful, connecting new content and prior knowledge; socially interactive with peer collaboration and adult support; iterative with chances to form, test and revise hypotheses; and joyful.

These principles naturally emerge through guided play, in which an adult facilitates child-led playful activities to meet learning goals.