• Pandemic Recovery Activities for at risk children (aged 7-16) using one mobile device
  • Can be taught anywhere, anytime by anyone in schools and/or communities, in person or remotely
  • Project Rangeet has achieved significant recognition from leading universities, foundations, think tanks and the UN
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The COVID-19 pandemic is a cascading disaster giving rise to innumerable problems, not least of which is the rise of mental health issues in both adults and children. Research shows that feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression are now common.

Lockdowns have trapped children in their homes, isolating them from the people and resources that could help them. Many relied on school to act as safety nets and safe spaces. Many girls are unlikely to ever return to school; socio-economic pressures have led to a dramatic increase in child marriage and trafficking.

Anyone can use our Pandemic Recovery Activities to help build resilience through joyful play, art, games and song.

The activities are designed around the understanding that every child learns differently, ensuring no child is left behind.

We offer solutions for and tackle specific problems, such as:

  • Explaining the importance of social/physical distancing, mask wearing, hygiene and vaccinations as well as the origin of the pandemic.
  • Child protection and safety
  • Mental Health
  • Rise in inequality and discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Decrease in empathy
  • Climate change