Welcome to Project Rangeet!

We would like to introduce you to three superheroes and a super dog. They will become your close friends for many weeks to come, as you and your beloved students explore the world of self, society and sustainability.

Sara is our superhero of Self. She values her mind, her body, her rights. Because she values herself, she values others too, and fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. Sara just loves football and takes it everywhere with her!

Maya is our superhero of Society. She is shy and keeps to herself. But if she sees anyone being mean to another, she feels their sorrow and pain, and steps in to lend a helping hand. Maya values and protects all human beings! Maya wants to grow up to be the President of her country to ensure that everyone is treated with love and respect.

Amir is our superhero of Sustainability. He values and protects all life on earth: from the smallest microbe to the great blue whale; from the bottom of the oceans, to the remotest forests. Amir knows that every living being is important for the health of our wondrous planet. He wants all his friends to know not just how to protect nature, but why they should!

Riley is Sara, Maya and Amir’s dog friend. He was rescued from the street when he was very small by a family who loves him. He worries about animals who don’t have food, shelter, or are mistreated. Riley loves going on adventures with his human friends.

Have any of you ever felt like Amir or Sara or Maya or even Riley? Imagine a world where being different is amazing, where everyone is treated the same and everyone respects our wondrous planet.

Imagine building a world together, where we:

-Value and protect our minds, our bodies and our rights;

-Value and protect all human beings; and

-Value and protect all life on earth.

In this brave new world, nature and society will be at peace.

Each and every one of you is a superhero, just like Sara, Maya, Amir and Riley, and each of YOU can change the world in your own way.


Remember, it starts with YOU!

Yours Sincerely,

The Project Rangeet Team