Project Rangeet was founded on the premise that quality education is every child’s universal right and that current education systems in most countries do not prepare children to thrive.  The following reasons / conditions support our beliefs: Most government education systems and low fee private schools, especially in developing countries, teach in a rote learning […]

The Importance of Social Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK)

Human relationships are at the core of loving & learning. Through song & playful activities, Project Rangeet flexes our social muscles & prepares children to be tomorrow’s carers, thinkers & citizens.– Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution Current education systems in most countries do not prepare children to thrive. Most systems have their rote learning […]

Social Emotional Learning In Times Of Pandemics & Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic is a multisystem cascading global disaster disrupting children’s lives at many levels and for which our societies were unprepared. Students are facing learning loss that is very critical. Many children didn’t only miss out on learning new material during the pandemic.  They also forgot some of the basic skills they previously learned. […]