The Importance of Social Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK)

Human relationships are at the core of loving & learning. Through song & playful activities, Project Rangeet flexes our social muscles & prepares children to be tomorrow’s carers, thinkers & citizens.– Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution Current education systems in most countries do not prepare children to thrive. Most systems have their rote learning […]

Social Emotional Learning In Times Of Pandemics & Disruption

Due to the pandemic situation students are facing learning loss that is very critical. The situation could be described as almost two years of learning loss as in many countries students have not attended school for a year and are being automatically promoted to the next grade. (Anir Chowdhury, Policy Advisor, Access To Information Program, […]

Educate for Tomorrow

What Are We Trying To Solve “Social and Emotional Learning is about the education of the human heart. The future of human civilization and the protection of the planet depends on the evolution of the human heart and these methodologies are utterly essential.” (David Sawyer, Converge, Education Reformer) Project Rangeet’s (in Hindi “Rang” = Colour” and […]

Time Travel, Worm Holes and Future Schools Today

I’ve been playing with this idea that the way we can change schools is to first accept that they are trying to solve historical problems, problems that policy makers identified often decades previously, and the education system by nature of its size and structure is slow to evolve or change. Schools are rarely agile enough […]