We support teachers, parents and community members with a mobile app that features our proprietary play-based Social Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) lessons and resources.

SEEK is designed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the understanding that every child learns differently.

Designed to be taught anywhere, anytimethe app enables anyone who can read to easily teach children aged 7-16 in any socioeconomic, geographic or cultural context.

SEEK can be taught in-person or remotely, at home, in schools and/or communities. It contains tools that measure impact on children and collects feedback from facilitators.

We are an innovator and social enterprise that supports educators
along with their communities to easily impact the well-being and overall development of a child, as well as their interaction with the environment.

Project Rangeet is an easy to implement mobile platform that features
a Social Emotional and Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) curriculum, with structured lesson plans developed around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It uses playful learning methods and the understanding of multiple intelligences to teach in the way different brains think and learn.

The platform includes tools that measure impact at scale and is designed to work in any geographical or socioeconomic context including humanitarian crisis zones without overburdening educators.

“We are living in schools that are solving the problems of 25 years ago: wonderful maths teaching but not if there are no elephants left to count; amazing redesign of English but not if there are no forests left to describe.”

Sean Bellamy, Sand’s School, UK